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11 Self-EsteemTools

11 Self-EsteemTools


Looking to feel more confident in yourself?

Struggle with self-doubt? This workbook is for you! Packed with tools and exercises to help you reduce self-criticism and increase your sense of self-worth, it will empower you to live a happier, more fulfilled life. With soulful writing and engaging exercises, this book will help you connect with your inner wisdom and discover your own unique power.


This workbook contains 11 different tools:


  • Measure yourself doubt
  • Take charge of self-doubt
  • Challenge yourself doubt
  • Overcome yourself doubt
  • Discover your personal strengths
  • Stop Comparing yourself with others
  • Discover your skills and strengths
  • Weekly self-love journal
  • Instant self-worth boost
  • How to model other successful women
  • Banish Self-doubt
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