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Hi, I’m Aaliyah! Your Transformational Empowerment Coach!


As a survivor of domestic violence, it is only when I came of age that I realised how this shaped my views on relationships and why it made me fall into unhealthy relationship myself.


Many years after leaving a domestic violence relationship, I vow to myself that I would never allow my standards of living and love be lowered again. What happened next is that I didn't realize that subtle abuse would be the norm with my next one - this time with a narcissist. Subtle abuse can be just as harmful and life-altering as physical abuse because it's harder for people to recognise without any prior knowledge about narcissism or psychology in general to notice.


By doing the inner work on myself introspectively it is something which has really helped me grow and learn how not only recognise these types of behaviours when they happen again but also deal with them head-on.


As a result of the narcissistic abuse, I was able to channel my inner strength through these unhealthy relationships that many women struggle with. It is an inspiring story about overcoming

obstacles and coming out stronger than ever despite life's challenges.


It has taken me 38yrs of my life in getting myself to a place of solid confidence, unconditional self-love, self-acceptance, self-worthiness, inner peace, joy and happiness.

My story to empowerment has been shaped by relentless resilience by two different forms of abuse. One through domestic violence and another by the invisible hurt inflicted by a vulnerable narcissist. Through that journey, I paid the ultimate price but if it meant that I had to go through all these challenges to be the turning point of inspiration for my children and for the rest of world, then I see it as a blessing and honour to be the embodiment of pivotal change and to pave the way for others.

Having outlived many difficulties in my own life, I want every women to know that regardless what challenges you face, that even after hitting rock bottom you can make a radical change to rebuild and transform your life.

Yes, the journey may be painful and challenging knowing that you might be leaving your attachment to trauma bonding or your comfort zone behind, but looking forward, there’s healing, peace, serenity, happiness, freedom of living an authentic life and so much more to gain and so much more to life than settling for less than what you deserve.

My biggest gift to the world is sharing my story to inspire masses to rise above the situation and know that you can co-create your life by changing your story, by making different decisions and taking action in order to change your destiny where a better life awaits you.

“As the years go by, I realise the importance of my life’s message and mission is to leave a long-lasting impact and a legacy of helping women transform their lives in a positive way, that the greater impact is also to humanity at large. In 2014, I decided to step out of my comfort zone, embrace my fears and rise above all my challenges so that I can fully show up, and step up to inspire women all around the world to represent courage, empowerment and possibilities.” 


~ Aaliyah Yco ~

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