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Hi, I’m Aaliyah! Your Transformational Empowerment Coach!


Having experienced domestic violence throughout my life, it wasn't until I reached adulthood that I understood how it molded my perspectives on connections and influenced my involvement in unhealthy relationships.


Leaving a domestic violent relationship took a lot of courage and determination. As I moved forward, I made a vow to myself that I would only accept the best in love and life.


The pain of abuse is not always obvious to the eye, and in my personal experience, it can come in many different forms. Whilst I thought that I had escaped the horrors of physical abuse, I found myself in a situation that was much harder to identify - narcissistic abuse.

This kind of abuse is a sneaky and subtle manipulation of a person's emotions, and it's something that can be difficult to detect without prior knowledge. I was constantly being gaslighted, love-bombed, and hoovered back into the relationship whenever I attempted to leave. Glad to say I knew a bit better from past experience and left quite early on in the relationship. Looking back, I realize that this kind of subtle abuse can be even more detrimental than physical abuse. The sad reality is that so many people experience this type of abuse without even realizing it.

Life can be difficult at times, throwing challenges our way that can shake our core beliefs and values. However, I truly believe that every obstacle presents an opportunity for growth, change, and transformation. As a woman who embraces her femininity and her inner strength, I choose to see every challenge as a blessing and an opportunity to honor myself and pave the way for others. In being the embodiment of pivotal change, I am empowered to rise above any difficulty and set an example for those around me. By facing life's challenges head-on with boldness and courage, I am able to inspire others to do the same.


I have learned to harness the power of my inner strength. I refuse to be defined by the trials and tribulations that I have faced, and instead choose to elevate myself above them. As a woman who has struggled with relationships that were unhealthy and unfulfilling, I have found the courage to overcome these obstacles and emerge more empowered than ever before. My journey has taught me that true confidence comes from within, and that self-love, self-acceptance, self-worthiness, inner peace, joy, and happiness are all within my grasp. I am a queen who refuses to be held down by the trials of the past, and instead choose to rise above them with grace, dignity, and strength.


Through my journey in life, I have come to realize that my biggest gift to the world is sharing my story and inspiring others to rise above their situations. I have learned that we are not defined by our circumstances, but rather by the choices we make. By changing our story and taking action, we have the power to create the life we desire. So, I am here to tell you that it's time to take control of your destiny and start living the life you were meant to live. Remember, you are the co-creator of your life, and with each decision you make, you are moving closer to a better, more fulfilling life. Let my story be the inspiration you need to take the first step towards your dreams.

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