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Having Aaliyah as my coach has been a truly amazing experience. She opened my eyes in a way I never believed possible. She challenged my thoughts and always encouraged me to look further and deeper. She radiates positive energy and this energy is contagious. She is an avid listener and was always readily available for discussions and questions outside our coaching sessions. She will teach you to live life to the fullest despite the circumstances, take control of your life and not be a victim of your circumstances. You will also become more aware of yourself and love the person you are and will become in your journey of empowerment with her.

Najah B.

Aaliyah attended my teeth whitening training. She is such a beautiful person and very determined to help me. In the time we had spent together, I learnt alot from her and will be seeing her again. She made me want to push myself even more towards my success and gave me much more confidence.


I highly recommend Aaliyah's Services.

Natasha Khallouf

Her passion in helping others bring confident on me that I can make changes. I never knew that we should love our selves fiercely first before we love others. She taught me a lot and encourage me to change my mindset to reach my goals. I really recommend her. She is beautiful soul that make you feel comfortable to open up.

Popy Sharifa

Where do I start?! Aaliyah attended a training class I conducted for my student who was starting up their own business. Aaliyah's amazing energy sparked up the room as soon as she walked in. She is a lovely soul that sincerely cares and focuses on your goals and ambitions and helps you to achieve that. I highly recommend Leads to Self-Empowerment, Very caring, nurturing and beautiful lady inside and out! Would definitely have her at my next training class!

Sirj SB

I have had the privilege to work alongside this wonderful mentor, Aaliyah has helped me recognise the potential I have within myself to conquer my goals, she has been very professional,inspirational and motivational in helping me build belief within myself. Coming out of the session I feel empowered and ready to begin my journey. 

Sabreena Buksh

Life coaching with Aaliyah was not what I expected at all and was so extremely fulfilling and empowering!

I expected life coaching to be a strict regimen of my coach telling me what I had to do and at what point.
Instead, Aaliyah helped me to identify my wants, needs and goals whilst assisting me to direct my focus on my own self and from there put everything else into motion. Coaching showed me the importance of planning, self-care and love that has in turn dramatically improved all aspects of my life and I no longer feel like I am constantly drowning in sorrow and stress.


Since the sessions, I have found more time to read and exercise, my finances now have a system and are no longer weighing me down and my home relationships have strengthened. I cannot thank Aaliyah enough for how she has helped me and I can’t wait to continue my journey of self-improvement.

Simone Jean

Aaliyah's coaching sessions have helped me enormously with overcoming my fears of public speaking and presentations. Prior to our sessions, I had zero confidence in myself. That all changed when Aaliyah helped me understand and look deeper within myself on my thought process and patterns. When I realised the self journey to negative thoughts, I also realised I could create new thought patterns that served me to be and feel more confident. I have gained a lot of knowledge and skills from life coaching, Now my public speaking and presentations have gotten better and better.

Aaliyah taught me to follow my own path and grow as a person I’ve learnt to set goals and achieve them. I have learnt to gain knowledge you must seek. Aaliyah has recommended a lot of material to use which I use on a daily basis. Working with Aaliyah has gotten me to return to study, end unhealthy relationships and create new ones. I learnt to be playful as I can be rigid at times. I learnt to give love in order to receive love. I am not perfect though I learnt to embrace my own imperfections through life coaching , we all have demons I thought demons was a bad thing when I realised it wasn’t such a bad thing I learnt to embrace it. I realised to not be apologetic for who I am . I am forever grateful for life coaching I have learnt new skills when I’m faced with life’s challenges.

Due to health challenges and the overwhelming responsibility of being a mother, I lost sense of my own identity and as a result, I felt a burden of the world on my shoulders that added extra pressure not only on myself but also on my family.  Working with Aaliyah made me realise my own worth, that I have the ability to create a life that I want to live and build relationships with myself, so that I can have a fulfilling and rich relationship with my children.  Aaliyah provided a safe space to explore possibilities so that I could achieve my goals. 

I highly recommend Aaliyah 's service's. I am forever grateful for meeting you Aaliyah, and looking forward to our next session.

As a mother, a wife and so many responsibilities, I struggled to juggle between studying and family which affected my ability to focus which led me to feel anxious and down. Aaliyah utilises powerful questioning techniques that helped me identify what my habits were so that I could become aware of them and implement my plans to create change. Since working with Aaliyah, not only have I been able to focus and concentrate on my studies, I have increased my productivity and have established effective goals and plans to help me achieve on completing my assessment for my Masters in Islamic Studies as well as being a present wife and mother to my family. I have gained a lot more than I expected working with Aaliyah and looking back, I have come a long way. This is just the start to a brighter future for me and my family.

I recently started my own photography business and had a fear of failing with my business not working out. Aaliyah challenged me and helped me identify how my fears came about and once I understood that fear is something I can embrace and can overcome, I no longer feel held back or stuck. Working with Aaliyah has changed my mindset and increased my confidence. She has inspired me in so many ways and has been a major part of my growth in my business and in my personal development. Now, I am actively putting myself out there and able to keep myself focused with progressing no matter what obstacles come my way. Thank you Aaliyah

Aaliyah was amazing from the first minute I met her. As a mum of 3 children, I found myself in the middle of a crossroad. In the midst of being a mother, I forget my dreams and got caught up in motherhood finding myself always last. Aaliyah helped me deal with blocks and limiting beliefs that were in the way and made me realise I can be a great mother and still pursue my dreams and career. Since coaching, I have gained a part of myself back that was lost in the midst of motherhood and found my my inner sparkle that inspired me to strive for my dreams and because of that, I became a more happier and enthusiastic mum. I am now enrolled in university and also started my own business project. I've never been happier, more content and confident. She helped me find myself again. Thank you.Your service is priceless!

Aaliyah helped me gain awareness in an area I was really stuck in. I didnt know how to go about it and she did this in such a caring and professional way. I felt safe and got so much out of my coaching sessions. Aaliyah, I would recommend you to anyone. I really believe in your ability to help people in such an effective way.

Before I started my coaching sessions with Aaliyah, I had gone through difficult times in my life, I was suffering from anxiety and had lots of fears and also a lack of self love and self worth. Throughout the coaching sessions, Aaliyah would ask me deep questions that required me to become aware of my thinking patterns. I had an increase of self awareness since starting and became more conscious with the patterns of thinking I had. I started to overcome my fears and do things I never used to do, I developed inner peace and a sense of tranquility and positivity to life, all which I needed to start my journey of healing before giving birth. Aaliyah is truly an amazing inspirational woman that is full of life!

Before coaching with Aaliyah, it was really tough to deal with my internal dialogue and I found it hard to confront my internal battles. I was experiencing social anxiety, self-doubt, and lack of self-confidence and talking way out of the mental rut just wasn’t working.


I expected Aaliyah to tell me the “hows” but instead, she made me think and for once I realised that by thinking a different way, that I do have the answers within me to live less mental stress and not to allow negative and overt thinking get the better of me.


Aaliyah’s coaching helped me to learn how to love and trust myself again. I am now on a journey to becoming more of a wholesome woman and building a relationship with myself. This is just the start of  becoming a better version of the new me.

Love you sis 💗

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