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Overcome Anxiety Guide

Overcome Anxiety Guide


Anxiety can be a debilitating condition that keeps us from living our best lives. It’s time to take control of your life and live it on your own terms! I know what it feels like to have anxiety, and I want to help you overcome this obstacle so we can both get on with the business of living.


You deserve better than feeling anxious all the time. Let me show you how to use my step-by-step program for overcoming anxiety so that you can finally start enjoying life again!


In this workbook you will get:


✅2 pages: Anxiety, Simplified

✅1 page: Draw Your Anxiety

✅2 pages: Prove Your Self-Defeating Thoughts Wrong

✅2 pages: Identify your Thought Patterns

✅2 pages: 14 Thinking Traps

✅1 page: Anxiety Log to track anxious thoughts

✅4 pages: Relax Your Perfectionistic Thoughts (stop ‘Should’ Statements)

✅3 pages: Relax Your Perfectionistic Thoughts (reduce the all-or-nothing thinking pattern)

✅2 pages: Shortcuts to calm anxiety

✅1 page: Personal notes page

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